Fated to meet
| Nov 6 |Aspiring Interior Designer

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Loved today’s weather. It’s too bad I didnt know it was going to be this nice. I would’ve worn shorts or a skirt. 

Passed by an icecream truck when leaving the MET.

With weather like this I realized eating icecream is now appropriate! So behold my Chocolate dipped Vanilla icecream. so good.

I was thinking about posting this to my instagram. Might do a throwback (yes a tbt to an icecream cone is a bit silly but watevs. the picture looks pretty to me)

Speaking of instagram I realized in ONE day I was mass-unfollowed (@im_shu). It was extremely random. PLUS I stopped following a couple ppl without me doing anything.My brother had the same problem. Turns out instagram was fixing a bug and ridding inactive users and then updating the numbers on ppl’s accounts…hmm

Think im gonna try to do more updates on day to day life. Its quite refreshing :)